How to Spot Fake Perfume

How to Tell Fake Perfume From Original

Undoubtedly, the biggest headache for the Internet users interested in buying designer perfumes on is their originality. The easiest way to check whether the product we purchased is original is to compare it with the product from a known network of drugstores. Even the smallest details should be taken into account:

  • Color and appearance of the bottle and packaging
  • Appearance of the atomizer
  • Text on the bottle
  • Appearance of the identification number
  • Transparency and color of the perfume
  • All the decorations and details
  • Scent
  • Stickers on the bottle

If a bottle has a curved bottom, atomizer has sharp edges, the inscriptions on the bottle are not exactly the same as original and the stickers are slightly different or are crooked, you have a reason for concern. It’s probably a fake. Sometimes, however, it is not enough to look only at the container, because the bottle may be original and only the content may be fake. Therefore, you should always pay attention to clarity, color and the scent itself. Remember that the original scent of perfume is noble for the whole its duration and maintains on the skin or clothes for several days. Furthermore, take it for granted that it is impossible to acquire genuine perfume for just a fraction of the retail price.

The high prices of branded perfumes are related primarily to the expensive and lengthy process of production, which uses the noblest parts of plants. To produce 1 liter of concentrated flavor approximately 1000 kg of flower petals is needed. They are subjected to at least 7 days extraction process, then a few days of the process of filtration and distillation. All this takes place in a sterile laboratory conditions. Mixing flavorings, the production of bottles and boxes is performed by specialized machines which ensures that every bottle of perfume smells and looks exactly the same. It is therefore not possible for 2 bottles of the same perfume to smell a bit different, or for the sticker on the bottle to be in a different place than on the other.

So how do we buy, to buy the original? The best way is to choose a good shop and accurately check the goods. If you plan to buy perfume online, remember that good perfumeries offer something more than a commodity. Most have elaborate websites with detailed descriptions and photographs of good quality. In addition, reliable vendor respond to questions, answer calls and take care of customers. Before making your purchase you must check the vendor. It is also worthwhile to check if a company that owns the shop actually exists.

In this article we show few fundamental differences between the original and common counterfeit perfume. Always before you buy perfume find out exactly how the original looks. When checking the originality of perfume you should realize the fact that the small details are of the greatest importance. They are most difficult to imitate and often it is simply not viable. Let’s focus primarily on the bottle. At first glance may appear to be identical, but on closer inspection you should be able to find differences. On the counterfeit, for instance the large inscription with the name of the product can be placed slightly lower or higher than on the original. A subtle difference, but already you can see that something is wrong.

Then pay attention to places where the bottle halves connect. Please take a look at whether the merge is delicate, or more visible, and whether it is smooth or rough or sharp. It is one of the most overlooked details on the counterfeit. The reason is that they are manufactured in garages, in the absence of specialized machines for stamping bottles. The second detail is a label on the bottom of the bottle. It may be different and placed in a slightly different location than the original. Often, rubbing the sticker on the counterfeit perfume causes abrasion of the printing.

Another detail is the bottom of the bottle. In the case of original perfume it is equal, perfectly executed. In the counterfeit, the bottom is wavy or crooked. This is the most neglected element in the counterfeit. Further differences may be visible in the spray bottle and cork. Atomizer in the counterfeit can have very different looks: low quality material, jagged edges. The original perfume atomizer is made precisely and perfectly set, which is manifested by the fact that the bends are identical and evenly around the neck. There shouldn’t be any scratches on it, sharp edges or any other shortcomings.

The most important determinant, however, is the smell. It may turn out that the bottle and packaging are original but the liquid contained therein is counterfeit. Therefore, if your purchase is no different in appearance from the original, check the smell of perfume. However, there are fakes, which at the beginning smell almost exactly like the original fragrance and only after about an hour, are changing their flavor and become unpleasant or bland. Original perfumes smell nobly at every stage of oxidation and it distinguishes them from counterfeits. In addition, the fakes are much less stable, their scent lasts for only several hours while the original perfumes smell for several days. Therefore, the best test for originality is the smell of perfume.

Applying these simple methods certainly save you from purchasing counterfeit perfume. Avoid suspicious transactions, make refunds if you do not receive proof of purchase. Logic in each case is the best recipe for successful shopping.

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