Paul Sebastian Casual - Perfume for Women

Casual Product Range

Key points:
brand: Paul Sebastian
name: Casual
gender: for women
created: 1995
type: floral
top notes: muguet, jasmine, rose, fresh foliage, citrus notes
middle notes: cyclamen, ylang-ylang
base notes: tuberose, heliotropes, tonka
use: daytime
products: 2
price range: €25 - €33

Casual perfume has been introduced by Paul Sebastian in 1995 and today, after 26 years in shops haven't lost its popularity. Paul Sebastian Casual is a line of perfume for women. The perfume has been designed for daytime use. Paul Sebastian Casual is most often described as a floral perfume. The top note of the perfume is a combination of muguet, jasmine, rose, fresh foliage and citrus notes.

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The middle note of Casual consist of cyclamen and ylang-ylang. Tuberose, heliotropes and tonka are the key base note ingredients of the perfume. Products available in Casual line belong to the fragrance category. The prices of Casual products vary from 25 Euro ($35, £22) to 33 Euro ($47, £29). Paul Sebastian Casual Fine Parfum Spray can be purchased in the container of 60 ml for an average online price of 25 Euro which is equivalent to 35 US Dollars or 22 British Pounds.

Fine Parfum Spray of 120 ml costs approximately 33 Euro ($47, £29).

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