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Key points:
brand: Adidas
name: Adidas Originals
gender: for men
top notes: nutmeg, coriander, coton candy
middle notes: blue curacao, mint, citruses, licorice
base notes: vanilla, woodsy notes
products: 1
price: €20

Adidas Originals is a line of cologne for men. The top note of the cologne is a combination of nutmeg, coriander and coton candy. The middle note of Adidas Originals consist of blue curacao, mint, citruses and licorice. Vanilla and woodsy notes are the key base note ingredients of the cologne. Products available in Adidas Originals line belong to the fragrance category. Adidas Originals Eau de Toilette Spray can be purchased in the container of 50 ml for an average online price of 20 Euro which is equivalent to 28 US Dollars or 17 British Pounds.

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